Our Products
All of our products are available year-round at our sugar house.
Please call, text, or email before coming by.

(508) 341-5108            woodvillemaples@verizon.net

Pure Maple Syrup - all grades
Quart $25

12 oz. Glass Bottle $12

Pint $14

Half-pint $9

Maple Nips

These make for a beautiful individual gift or wedding favor. 
1.75 oz.   $5

There are a number of shapes and sizes we can customize for you.  A discount is available for orders of 48 or more.  We even know a local craftsman who can etch the glass for you.

honey Raw Honey
Raw honey is not filtered nor pastuerized so that it retains all of its natural  flavors and health benefits.  Our honey goes directly from our hives, through a coarse strainer (to get the bits of wax and bees out) and into the bottles. 
Raw honey will crystalize over time.  Do not throw it out!  Eat it as is or simply warm the bottle in tap-hot water for a few hours and it will return to its original liquid state.

1 lb. Queenline glass jar $12
1/2 lb. Queenline glass jar $7
Muth Jars Muth Jars
In the late 1800s, Charles Muth (pronounced /moot/) of Cincinnati, Ohio, one of the largest producers of honey in the country, sold his honey in these square jars topped with a cork. We've brought back this 19th-century look for our own honey.

The jars are embossed with a skep, bees and the words "One Pound Pure Honey". We've opted not to attach an adhesive label in favor of a simple gold band and hang tag so you can keep it as a decorative jar or refill it with more honey and keep it right on your tabletop.

We have our summer honey (light color) and fall honey (dark) available. The jars are sealed with a cork and shrink band and will keep indefinitely. They make a beautiful gift.

1 lb. Muth jar $14
1/2 lb. Muth jar $8

Maple Candy

Large maple leaf (1 @ 2 oz.)  $3.50
Traditional maple leaf (4 @ 1 oz.)  $6

Small maple leaf (3 @ 1/3 oz.)  $3

Maple-coated Nuts

All nuts (4 oz.)  $5

We have almonds (pictured), cashews, peanuts, walnuts, pecans, or a mix.
cream Maple Cream
Maple cream is not a dairy product.  It is called cream because it is creamy.  Some regions call it maple butter.  The only ingredient of maple cream is pure maple syrup.  The syrup is cooked far longer to almost a candy state then it is chilled and churned until it is the consistency of soft peanut butter.  Spread it on toast or a muffin and you have an amazing afternoon snack.

1/2 lb. $10

1 lb. $18

cream Maple Sugar
Maple sugar is granulated sugar made from pure maple syrup.  It is shelf-stable and can be used as a 1:1 substitute for sugar in any recipe - only with a lot more delicious maple flavor.  Use it as a topping for muffins or right in your coffee. 

1/2 lb. $12

1 lb. $22

cotton candy
Maple Cotton Candy $2

This is one of our most popular items, but it is only available at our farmers'markets and open houses.  The sugar stays light and puffed for about two days depending on the humidity.

If you would like to have some cotton candy for a special event, give us a call and we can have it ready for you that day.  Special orders are a minimum of 25 pieces.


Woodville Maples Gift Baskets - Prices vary

All of our gift baskets are made to order so we can customize them to meet your needs.  Want a little of everything or a lot of one thing?  Just let us know.  Example:
1/2 lb. honey, 1/2 lb. maple cream,
1 half-pint maple syrup, 4 oz. bag maple candy or nuts